I’m headed to Belize.. yes indeed… I’m searching for the elusive Whale Shark yet again… Innumerable sources list Belize as one of the premier destinations for whale shark viewing:

And the list could go on with a simple Google search… So I set out with the repeated advice of “The best time to see the whale sharks in Belize and Gladden Spit falls between March and June.” This set me up for my trip. A full moon… deep into May, dead center of the “prime” season. Well, I find a dive buddy in my good friend Ashley who like me needs a break for the grind of everyday life. Her for personal reasons me.. well I’m celebrating.

What am I celebrating you may ask? A NEW JOB! Finally after two years of scaping by on consulting and other work, a great full time gig fell into my lap at a company called Balbix. I am responsible for the post sales implementation efforts of our product and it is pretty excellent so far!

So whats the timeline:

  • 5/21 – Depart Detroit (DTW) for Belize (BZE) meeting up with Ashley in Atlanta (ATL) along the way
  • 5/21-5/24 – Stay at Belize Dive Haven in the Turneffe Atol, dive like wild people
  • 5/24-5/29 – Stay at Hamanasi Resort and enjoy a tubing cave tour, jungle hike, reef dive as well as relaxing and cocktails on the beach

Then returning home. Hopefully upon return, I’ll have (in order of importance),

  1. Still have a dear friend in Ashley
  2. Have memories to last a lifetime
  3. A liver that is not suffering from cirrhosis
  4. A soothed spirit ready to get to work and enjoy my new position.

Stay tuned.. more adventure is on the way!!!

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Belize it or Not

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2 Replies to “Belize it or Not”

  1. Good luck! Watch out for bot flies!!! A friend of mine went to Belize a few years ago and got bitten. A few weeks later larva had hatched underneath her scalp. That’s the short story! Belize!
    Be safe!

  2. Sounds fabulous! And congrats on the new job. Great adventures on the horizon, indeed. Dan and I went to Ambergris Caye nearly 30 years ago. It was fabulous then and the snorkeling was fantastic. May you find whale sharks at every turn!

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