Come Along On An Adventure to South Korea

(with an awesome side trip to Thailand.. again!)

Highlights Of The Adventure

Probably the highlight of the adventure will be traveling with my brilliant and beautiful niece to Seoul for her study abroad session.

The rest to the right is gravy on top of introducing a new generation of the Niester clan to the joys of adventure travel

Saryangdo Mountain
Demilitarized Zone
Jeju Island
Jeonju Hanok Maeul
Diving Koh Phanang Thiailand

This Trip’s Blog Posts

(in reverse order)
Blog Title:
Welcome to the ROK (Republic of Korea)

Post Title:
Sawadeeka Thailand

Post Title:
A Damn Near Perfect Day

Post Title:
Finally Under The Sea (you know you want to sing it!)

Post Title:
Hello Thailand My Old Friend

Post Title:
Chillaxin and Relaxin in Seogwipo, Jeju

Post Title:
So Long Sarayangdo… Barely

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10 Replies to “Welcome to the ROK (Republic of Korea)”

  1. OK folks. I do expect to see some bad M*A*S*H jokes show up on these comments during this trip. Bill in Korea – I hope he remembers the number to Adams Ribs!

  2. We will be waiting for every entry. Get a good sleep on the plane and then get to it! Hope you make Jeju Island ! The picture is amazing. The nountain is much more prominent than I pictured. Hope you make Hado.

  3. Have fun and remember…don’t get out of a car, cab, train or plane without checking for wallet and phone!!! : )))

  4. Cant wait to read your entries-I think you have not gone yet right? How long will you be going? And which niece is studying abroad? How exciting!!!

    1. Gone for two weeks. I’ve never been to Korea but have been to Thailand. Looking forward to the great diving there.

      Joe’s daughter Katelyn is stuffing abroad.

  5. We couldn’t be happier to have Katelyn traveling with her world-wise Uncle Bill! No one we know has more experience traveling – and experiencing! – the world than Bill. She is in good hands getting to Korea. Now what happens once these two are there… Stay out of North Korea! You’re no Dennis Rodman!

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