A day off the water. Always a hard decision for me but in this case it was an amazing one.. at least in retrospect. We all know how much I love the heat and humidity and its about 87 degrees here and 90+ percent humidity. Then we decide that taking a 4 mile hike with 1000 feet in elevation to a waterfall pond sounds like a good idea. To say the least I was a little less than enthusiastic about the prospect. The Mayflower falls in Mayflower Bocawina National Park.

However, with my breakfast burrito in hand, onto the mini bus we went with Kyle and Mary Joe (MJ) from Plano, TX to do the hike. We arrive with our guide Angel (An-hel for the Spanish speakers among you), strap on our helmets…. what … helmets for a hike… Yes. apparently there are VERY steep sections with ropes for handholds which you run the risk of falling on so they make you wear helmets. Spray on the Bens 100% DEET and off we go into the forest. We stop frequently for a quick chat on the local flora and fauna.. the sleeping leaf, the tree bark that acts like Viagra, the incredibly cool highway of leafcutter ants, the so called yummy nuts from the Choana tree (really folks it tastes like chewing on wood bark not like the coconut they claim) and many many more. The guides here are soooo well versed in everything from the nature around you to the Mayan culture and how they used the surroundings.

So we hike section 1 of the trail, relatively flat wide and quite easy. Section two picked up the incline a bit and the ground became much much rockier and unstable underfoot. Finally after our first sighting of the Mayflower Bocawina falls we start section 3. I’m having flashbacks to Nepal of endlessly trudging up stair after stair after stair. Only this time the stairs on not only made of rock, but wood, and tree roots and occasionally just a mud foothold with a rope to hold on to.

Finally we reach the top of section three, 983 ft. above sea level, and I realize that this is not that far and I’m sadly out of shape. But waiting for me is a glorious waterfall pond. So down to the bathing suits we strip and into the cool refreshing water and under the waterfall we go. After our swim and chill, we get out, dry off, eat some oatmeal cookies and then strap on the shoes and the sweaty shirts for the short trek to the viewing area and then the long trek back down the same way we came back to the van. Needless to say by the time we got to lunch back at Hamanasi, I was WIPED out and falling asleep at lunch.

This meant, food in belly, tired from exercise = LOOONG nap by the pool hanging with Ashley in the afternoon only broken by dips in the ocean and pool. Finally, cocktail hour and dinner and then a tour of the crows nest by night for a full 360 view of the surroundings and full moon by night.

Again I’m headed under the water tomorrow bright and freaking early at 6am the boat leaves.. So I’ll leave you here with the photos and videos.

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  1. Looked like a fun adventure, but one where you earned your oatmeal cookie. Quite a hike, but much to see.

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