So here I sit, the prospect of a career with Amazon Web Services (AWS) rapidly approaching to end my life of leisure and… well frankly boredom 🙂 With that prospect, my tried, true and treasured tradition of taking an epic adventure between major job changes has kicked in.

I have purchased my flight from Detroit through Toronto and Paris all the way to Casablanca, Morocco … First class for only $897.. hell yes, a bargain I just couldn’t turn down.

I depart on June 3 the day after the big Bayview One Design (BOD) regatta. I am considering the following itinerary of which the durations will be mostly dictated by job offers and start dates.

  • Casablanca – 1.5 days – ’cause I need a rest after I arrive
  • Tel Aviv, and the Holy Land for obvious reasons – 1 week
  • The Sinai Peninsula for diving – 1 week
  • The Maldives for beaches and diving – 1 week
  • Sri Lanka for blue whale snorkeling – 1 week

So as more details on destinations, durations and timings come forth I’ll keep y’all posted.

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Wild Williams Exclusive Tour of North Africa, The Holy Land and the Subcontinent
Casablanca, The Holy Land (Israel), The Maldives and Sri Lanka

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