So after the Lake Superior sailing adventure so recently concluded, my guess is you thought you had a break from the musings of Wild William…. NOT SO FAST as Mr. Corso would say!

That’s right, starting tomorrow, I’m off to the land of rum, one of the original homes of it, yes Puerto Rico.

I will be traveling with the Tenkel family on this trip, for at least part of the time.

So in typical Wild William fashion, it is now 9:15pm and my flight leaves in under 12 hours. I’ve just finished packing SCUBA regulator, fins, mask, snorkel and the array of camera gear that gave me so much fun walking though the border crossing from Jordan into Egypt.. and again into Saudi Arabia.. and again into Seattle.. you get the picture. It just seems airport security has ZERO knowledge of what scuba gear looks like, what underwater photography gear looks like and well.. I guess maybe I just look a little shifty 😉

Fortunately this time around, I really only have to make it through TSA on the way to Puerto Rico in Detroit because, well, Puerto Rico is a US Territory so I don’t have to go through customs which always seemed to be where the issues were. But then I’ll have to do the return trip from Puerto Rico to Detroit and make it through TSA in San Juan. I’m offering 3:1 odds I end up stripping my bag clean and spending 30 minutes at security repacking again… any takers… Spanky? Can we say microbetting platform?

So the plan is a LITTLE more solid than usual in that I believe I have lodging everywhere except my last two nights.. that shouldn’t be too hard.

Now ferry tickets between the islands is a challenge.. But first lets talk itinerary:

The Lap of Luxury at the St. Regis Hotel

Off to the tranquil, get around by golf cart, island of Culebra.

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature, beach hop, or simply unwind, Culebra will give you the peace and tranquility you seek, in a truly pristine place.
Culebra is located 20 miles off the coast of Fajardo, on the east side of Puerto Rico, and can be reached by a small plane or boat. The whole island is about 10 square miles and is divided into six barrios (districts). Culebra is surrounded by more than 20 cays bustling with marine life, making it an absolute haven for underwater adventurers and casual beachgoers alike.

Time to meet back up with Mrs Vicki, Vicki Tenkle, Air Force Lt. Brendan “Brendo” (aka Jr.), bad decision Sparty Cameron (LOL), and the infamous, or notorious Johnny Microbe (the other half of Jhonny Bro’s Brewing) on the island of Vieques

So after the Tenkel clan departs, I’ll be back on my own for three more days to hit the well understood best diving in Puerto Rico, the wall dives at La Parguera.

Home Sweet Home

So I’m now finding that .. well .. as usual, I didn’t listen to the advice of so many and did not buy my ferry tickets early. So as usual there is already some improvisation going on. My times for getting to my 2nd destination of Culebra are all whacked out… the ferry station also happens to be nowhere near the airport where I arranged to drop my rental car off. So we’re off to a good start.

Now to give you an idea of my packing prowess, yes, I AM proud of it, here is a before and after pic of everything that has gone into my one backpack.

More to come my friends…. Buenos Noches

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9 Replies to “To the Rum Capital of the World… This Could Get Dangerous”

  1. Bill, One of my unicycle friends from forever, 1980 to be exact, is a Puerto Rican native, and has a touring business if you want a guide. He’s awesome!! Text me if you want his contact info!! He’s a sort of an adventure tourist and guy of the world like you. You’d like Javier! Wandering on your own if fun, but I’m a huge fan of private guides. You get so much more out of an experience and you get to MEET locals!!!!

    1. Thanks Susan, I’m pretty solid for company most of the way. I’m traveling with my good friend Scott and his family most of the easy. Thanks for the offer probably would have been a blast.

  2. So happy my daily fix of Billy’s adventures gets to continue! I’m thinking more like 2:1 odds they make you unpack that bag, and I like 30 minutes as a good over/under for the repack. Who wants some action?

  3. Say hola a mi familia! You’re on my ancestral turf now. We’ve been to Culebra and Vieques as well. Have a great trip!

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