Well folks, that’s another wrap to a Wild William Trip. Not much to tell of the last day but a long drive back to the airport, a crazy gas station fill-up scheme where you get to play “guess my tank’s value” and if you’re too high you get cash back.. very strange.

In the spirit of Jack Handy.. here are my random thoughts and impressions of Puerto Rico

  1. Puerto Rico is a land of almost universally friendly and helpful people, ready to open up and welcome you to their beautiful homeland
    • minor exceptions:
      • The complete @#T@#*UWE*@#*U at the Blue Horizon Resort on Vieques who simply refused to allow a 1 day early departure from their hotel
      • The ‘roid freak in the monster truck who wanted to go all psychotic on me for stopping for 3 minutes IN MY PARKING LOT that he was trying to cut through, so I could find out where the hotel wanted me to park
  2. Completely do not understand the internment camp mentality at Ceiba when its 97 degrees out, nobody has checked my bags in the first place or even checked my ID to pick up my ticket… just odd
  3. Puerto Rico does appear to be a unit confused country. The road marker measurements are in Kilometers (Km) but the speed limits are in Miles Per hour (MPH)… hmmm
  4. The accepted method of making a left hand turn out onto a road full of traffic is to simply pull 3/4 of the way out, stop, hope traffic stops both ways and if not just go and deal with the screeching tires.
  5. Everyone in a small town seems to have a requirement to have some kind of Chupacabra in their front yard that goes absolutely ape shit nuts when you walk by.
  6. The heat is stupid… wow!
  7. The seafood to eat is beyond fresh and prepared so deliscious I don’t think I’d ever eat anything else
  8. I don’t know if its the national dish or not but it should be.. the rice and beans.. wow.. never had anything to compare!
  9. Puerto Rico is in DESPERATE need of a microbrewery. The Medallea Light beer is like making love in a canoe.
  10. You will beg… I mean BEG … for a straight road by the time you leave these islands.

So that’s it, another tip in the can. It seemed more challenging than some of the trips in the past that were way more intense. Perhaps I’m just getting old, or my expectations on humanity have increased. Oh well, joy, fun and relaxation were all had!

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