So I’m Cassablanca Bound! Here I sit in the Toronto Airport (YYZ) in the Air France Lounge actually excited for my adventure but fighting a big headache. I think there has just been too much stress lately and this is the start of a great month of washing that all away.

Johnny asked me recently what three things I hoped to get from this trip.. it was a good question.. my answer was:

  1. Rejuvenate – I’ve had a lot going on lately. The job situation first and foremost and for those that are wondering Amazon didn’t come through for me. So that has added to the stress. So I need to reset, rest, recuperate and hopefully reinvent. This all equals rejuvenation for the push into the next phase of my career.
  2. Spend a lot of time in the water – I think if you read the itinerary you see that I am going to dive, dive, and dive again. I believe that I’ll come back a skilled underwater photographer having seen things that I’ve never seen before (whale sharks?, blue whales?, hammerhead sharks?)
  3. Meet some excellent people – While I can never predict where along my trip these people come I have to say I usually meet them. It is what I crave and not knowing where they will come from always stresses me a little but then they crawl out of the pool hall, dive boat, hostel or train compartment and energize me.

So many might be wondering what I have forgotten… it’s a ritual you see. Well, so far I can think of nothing, but I am sure it will come.

But there’s been one PIA so far and that was security in Toronto. With my small 35L backpack packed so skillfully I of course was doomed to have to empty the Sonofa for the security people. I mean… when you bring my backpack to me and tell me (not ask) “you have some scuba gear and underwater camera gear and batteries in here don’t you”… well yes I do and if you knew that why the HELL are you asking me to take it out so you can identify it. But there we go.. underwear all over the counter, shorts, shirts, batteries flying and Scuba octopus flailing everywhere. I was actually laughing my ass off through the whole thing but I was still secretly annoyed.

So my next legs are 7.5 hours to Paris and then a mad dash through Charlie DeGaul to get to another 3.5 hours to Cassablanca.

Well folks its getting close to the time to head to the gate so I’m going to wrap this up… I know it’s long and this may be a trip of long posts.. I’ll probably have plenty of time in the evenings so just brace yourself.

My first hotel as a teaser

13 Replies to “The Adventure begins”

  1. Bill,

    Have a great time. The hotel in Casablanca looks very nice, picts prob photoshopped.:-)

    Dive trips sound awesome… looking forward to outstanding pictures.

    All the Best,

  2. The McCabes are living vicariously through you. Most excited for those underwater pictures.

  3. Bill, have an AMAZING trip!! The Nolan clan will be following your adventures and mis-adventures 🙂

    Go Blue!

  4. Don’t worry about hte security. Hope you get me a hat!!! Take some good pictures. What’s the temperature? Don’t get eaten up by he sharks like Jaws.

  5. So good to wake up to your “smiling” face. Made ME happy.. Let the three point plan unfold. Sounds great to me. You will come home a new man. One question: Did security confiscate the cookies? Your digs look awesome,both in the air and on the ground. Know you left “IT” here, but can not think of what “it” is.WE are ready and waiting for the call to service!!! Happy travels.

  6. Like the new hat!! Laughing already at the security site!! But remember, at least you pack ‘normal’ items! Correct?!

  7. So, can I start the Casablanca quotes now? Since you are starting out there, at least you’ll always have Paris! And, I always thought he preferred to be called Chuck DeGaul. Guess you know him better.

    Odds are you forgot something electronic. Bets?

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