Well folks here we go, it’s time for another adventure with Wild William. So strap your socks on and kick back for the some more fun and exciting incidents from around the globe.

This time we are headed to North Africa, The Holy Land, The Maldives and Sri Lanka. And for once, I’ve had a fit of planning nerves so this trip is practically completely scheduled before I leave. I’m talking tours, hotels, diving, flights.. the works. I know that takes some of the excitement out of my normal blog but I’m hoping it leaves me more time to meet locals, and post more pictures than usual.

So here is a preview of the trip:

6/5/19Casablanca / MarrakechFood Tours
6/6/19Marrakech / Casablanca / To Tel AvivWalking Tour / Fly
6/7/19Tel Aviv / JerusalemHoly Land tour
6/8/19Jerusalem Holy Land tour
6/9/19Jerusalem / Tel Aviv Holy Land tour
6/10/19Tel Aviv / EilatFly / Relax
6/11/19Jordan / PetraPetra / Wadi Rum Tour
6/12/19Jordan / PetraPetra / Wadi Rum Tour
6/13/19Jordan / Petra / AqabaRelax / Ferry
6/14/19Nuweiba / Sharm El SheikhFerry / Taxi / Dive
6/15/19Sharm El SheikhDive
6/16/19Sharm El SheikhDive
6/17/19Sharm El SheikhDive
6/18/19Sharm El SheikhDive
6/19/19SSH – CAIRelax / Fly
6/20/19CAI – MLE / Fulidhoo, MaldivesFly
6/21/19Fulidhoo, MaldivesDive
6/22/19 Fulidhoo, Maldives Dive
6/23/19 Fulidhoo, Maldives Dive
6/24/19 Fonimagoodhoo, Maldives Dive
6/25/19 Fonimagoodhoo, Maldives Dive
6/26/19 Fonimagoodhoo, Maldives Dive
6/27/19MLE-CMB / Trincomalee, Sri LankaFly
6/28/19TrincomaleeBlue Whale Snorkeling
6/29/19 Trincomalee Blue Whale Snorkeling
6/30/19 Trincomalee Blue Whale Snorkeling
7/1/19 Trincomalee Blue Whale Snorkeling
7/2/19 Trincomalee Blue Whale Snorkeling
7/3/19 Trincomalee Dive or Excursion
7/4/19MLE – JED (overnight in Jeddah)Fly
7/5/19JED – IAD – DTWFly

Now many of you might be wondering what my employment status is, well I am awaiting word from Amazon as we speak. This is my chill out period before which life will resume its normal chaos

Please stay in touch through comments and email while I’m gone, I love hearing from my friends! Also feel free to share the blog with anyone who might be interested, the more people I get following me the better!!

10 Replies to “Prepping For My Exclusive Tour of the Mideast and the Subcontinent”

  1. Enjoy your awesome trip Bill but be safe. Love you. We are leaving for a Riverboat trip tomorrow in France with a visit to Normandy but hopefully will be able to check your blog.

  2. Looks crazy but exciting. Enjoy. I always have fun wondering where your hat will go. God Bless!!

  3. I hope that there is some relax time within meeting the locals! This looks like a wonderful adventure and not a dull moment. Have a wonderful time!

  4. Have fun!! Finally places that fit into my new Ancient History curriculum. I think you could be a guest speaker once again! LOL

  5. can’t wait for the photo show after this trip!!! safe travels Bill. Love ya, Chris

  6. Billy,
    Looks like fun!!! “The Subcontinent”… as said by Cab Calloway. Although I haven’t checked my facts… isn’t “the subcontinent” India? Or does it include much more? You know the world…

    Looking forward to your posts. The Red Sea dives should be awesome!

    Have Fun!

  7. This looks awesome, Bill. So happy for you that you take these trips! I have a friend headed to the Holy Land also but I think later in the month than you. Looking forward to some pictures!!

  8. 30 days! 80 Days! I get it. Have to say reading this itinerary is kind of scary. It is so way out of character. Has someone else inhabited your body? After all that time spent diving should we expect you will come home bearing scales and fins? This certainly is a far cry from your prep for you last trip to Africa. I can not forget that one. Let the adventures begin. We will be watching……and praying.

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