So this story has to be tired for the faithful…
1:30am.. two days from start of 2500 mile sailboat race across the pacific.  Lets see .. you could write this by now right:

  •   Big family reunion tomorrow so no ability to get anything done
  • Leaving on 3pm flight Sunday
  • Haven’t packed anything – really don’t have much of a list for that yet.
  • New bipap 12V power supply engineering not quite working, needing work.
  • Broken tablet screen needs replacment
  • Custom scripts for boat computers still not 100% done
  • Primary tablet has no music or video or books for downtime, needs to be provided

So.. you know .. the usual.  Stressed so hard to get excited but its going to be a blast.  10 guys including my great friend Scott Tenkel whom without his support I would never had this opportunity!  A big thanks!
Once we arrive in Honolulu, I’ll be greeted by Mom and Dad who’ve never been to the islands and are going to enjoy a week and a half of vacation with me there.

Many of you know I’ve been prepping for the Transpac ocean sailing race. The race begins on Monday, and if you are interested in following the boat’s progress you can do so at:
The boat is Avanti, and the team is Avanti Ocean Racing. We have a blog that we will update once a day from the boat. 
You can view this blog at:
After the race, we will upload photos to our Instagram and Facebook pages:
The race is 2,300 nautical miles of open ocean. Send us prayers, good energy, and all around good thoughts!
Next stop, Hawaii.

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