Day one of the boat trip is amazing but I’m sitting here in my little patch with the waves lapping at the shore sweating my butt off.

Today we left Port threesome hookie make stops at some amazing lagoons and then pulled into port at the Tao camp.  

Oh and along the way went for a swim in a cave and cracked my egg and bled all over the place.

I just came from an amazing one hour massage that was included in the price of the trip and I’m sitting on the edge of my heart trying to figure out if I will be able to fall asleep in this heat.

I don’t know when I’ll have Internet connection again but for now this is what we get short on pictures until later.

5 Replies to “Sweating my Butt Off”

  1. You’ve got all of the Moms worrying now with that cracked egg….ouch! Everything else looks and sounds great – be safe!

  2. Eeegosh!!!!! I was wondering when the “cracked” something was going to appear. You need an “M” Hat to cover it up. You seem to find the unusual places. Can’t wait to see more pictures. Try to keep the “cracks” to a minimum.

  3. I don’t know Billy. You make it sound like so much fun!!!
    The massage part sounds great but the cracked noggin and the heat I’m not to sure of. Be careful out there!!

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