Quick update… PASSPORT WILL BE RENEWED THURSDAY MORNING!!! I know that a bunch of people helped make this happen for Ashley so if by any chance they are reading this, a HUGE shout out of thank you’s to you!

I still will be heading to Belize, Ashley will still be joining me. Now I just have the normal chaos to do before the trip:

  • Laundry
  • Get my scuba gear back from being serviced
  • Snacks for the flight
  • Figure out what the heck I’m packing in what (I’m traveling heavy this time with my own dive gear.. can’t be too covid careful)
  • Make sure all my work is done (feels good to say that!)
  • Spray the #%^Y%#*(*&@!! weeds in my backyard garden so they are DEAD when I return.
  • Find all my cables and camera gear and test it to ensure I remember how to use and that it still works
  • Turn my sprinkler system on
  • Oh.. and find a ride to the airport 🙂

And the list goes on.. you all can see how this is going.. I’m going to be cutting it down to the wire again.

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