Greetings fellow travelers and voyeuristic travelers alike.  You are receiving this message because at one point in time you followed me on one of my many journeys.  

Well it is time for me to adventure out once more, and this time its to the islands of the Philippines! This trip will indeed be a solo trip again, with truly no home friends or family.  Alas, such is life. But a determined wanderluster will not be held back so off I head departing in six days on the 18th of November and returning  on 8 December.

One of the biggest reasons for my trip is to meet and visit with the beautiful young girl Joanna Marie whom I have been sponsoring for the past 5 years.

Truly a beautiful young girl inside and out who sends me the most fantastic letters.   I am trying to raise money to support her and her family and my goal is $1000.  Please consider donating:

Beyond my trip to visit Joanna, I have an island exploring boat trip with TAO Philippines through the Palawan Islands.

My Transport
My Beach Playground

I also plan on doing some snorkeling with the whale sharks:

And of course diving the WWI wrecks off Coron Island:

So the itinerary looks something like:

11/18-11/20Travel, DTW-LAX-CAN-MNL arrive 11/20 6am Manila
11/20-11/22Explore Manilla and the rice erraces North of Manilla
11/23Meet Joanna Marie “apple”
11/24-11/27Whale Shark Diving & Watching Michgian spank OSU
11/28-12/2TAO Philippines Trip
12/2-12/3Dive wrecks of Coron Bay
12/4begin my journey home MNL-ICH-SEA-DTW
12/6arrive home 6am

I hope you’ll stick with me.  Trusty Gino is loaning me the kick-butt camera again and I’ll have my tried and true Olympus (waterproof to 33 ft) camera with me as well for hopefully some amazing scenery and Philippine life photos.  I’ll do my best to keep you informed, entertained and titillated.